Abella de la Conca is ideally located mid way between Ager and Organya two of Catalunya’s best paragliding spots.

Abella offers some potential and breathtaking flights amongst the large community of Vultures living here (Griffon, Black, Egyptian and Gypaete)  for intermediate to  experienced paragliders.

We offer pick up/drop off facilities (rates generally just to cover petrol cost) for Paragliders staying in the refugio wanting to do some long Xcountry flying between Ager and Organya or even further afield. This is particularly useful for paragliders who are just coming for a weekend and want to make the most of their stay by making sure they will get back to their base or their car on the sunday afternoon before heading back home after another glorious weather weekend! We also have a 4×4 allowing you to get dropped off in more remote areas.

If you choose to fly in Abella this is what is like…

AbellaClimb.com Flight over Vultures from Climbing Family on Vimeo.

For more information for paragliding school in Ager and Organya we recommend:



Parapent Organyà