In 2011 Abella Climb became guardians of 10 hectares of land within the village and the surrounding area. This land varies from walled gardens, abandoned agricultural terraces, ancient olive groves, dense pockets of woodland filled with mountain oak and open fields dotted with fruit trees. It is our intention over the coming years to bring much of this land back into active use and safeguard other parts as protected areas for wildlife and natural habitats. We follow the zoning principles of a permaculture approach to land management and have particular interest in methods that cultivate water security for the area. In conjunction with other local projects and individuals we are looking to develop a community approach to land management and nature preservation in acknowledgement of the fact that the natural world does not abide by man made borders. Project areas currently under development include:

  • Restoring a large south-facing terrace with good water access into a functioning vegetable garden to offer produce for the Refugi and our neighbours
  • Cultivation of local herbs in a secluded walled garden
  • Regeneration of ancient olive plantations to productive order (Cold pressed organic oil from our trees is available to buy at the Refugi)
  • Planning and planting of a local species fruit orchard
  • Maintenance and regeneration of exisiting fruit trees
  • Exploration of traditional non mechanised farming techniques and low impact cultivation

This part of the association is also concerned with preserving and restoring natural areas and historic architecture in the village and surrounding areas.  Projects here include:

  • Restoration and maintenance of traditional footpaths and bridleways
  • Restoration of an original stone arch that sits above the old communal washing pool in the village
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the village fountain and water feature