We have had some of our most enriching, nourishing and educational experiences in ‘nature’s playground’ – climbing, walking, biking, exploring, absorbing…

Abella Climb’s focus is to enable and facilitate such amazing experiences – to help others share the joy of adventuring – but with respect for the incredible natural environment that is not just  ‘our playground’ but home to multitudes of other species critical to safeguarding the delicate web of life.

By providing an educative space where attention has been given  to where footpaths travel; where waste is recycled; where faeces is disposed of; what transport we use to access these natural places and to the needs of other fora and fauna, we bring awareness to the importance of nature preservation and low impact exploration. We create a zone where the relationship between outdoor activities and nature conservation is mutually beneficial, not a one way street where nature gets exploited in the name of human pleasure seeking and conquest.

Nature is breathtakingly beautiful, peaceful, complex, resilient, fragile, constant and changeable.  Let’s not take it for granted.