Abella Climb is an organisation with the following aims:

We are based in the beautifully situated Eco-Refugi (alt 1000m) at the heart of Catalunya’s most spectacular villages, Abella de la Conca. The Eco-Refugi is part of the Abella Climb and staying in it offers a contribution to developing our project aims.

Hard to leave… is a video produced by Foto Vertical to give you an insight into Abella Climb. Behind Enzo Oddo’s ironic humour, you’ll discover outstanding Verdonesque limestone, soaring rock arches, rare black vultures, one shoe ascents, breathtaking landscapes, hot saunas, cooling pools and the generous locals who share their beautiful village with us.

This special place, an all year destination, is one that’s very hard to leave…

For more info in Catalan and Spanish you can listen to this audio recording from Catalunya Radio